Truth is rising

I’m acutely aware of the chasm between truth and opinion, at the moment. The words coming out of my mouth seem hollow when I’m voicing an opinion, they’re subjective, inherently biased. It’s going to be hard writing this post! So little of what we say is not moulded by our belief systems and preconceptions, and it feels to me this is becoming increasingly apparent in these times.

And yet truth is rising to the surface wherever I look; it can no longer be suppressed. The truth of what minorities have suffered over the centuries, the unwelcome truths emerging about institutions and governments, and the unfolding realities of the state of our health and finances post-lockdown, among others.

How does truth show on our faces? I look for clear eyes – eyes in which I can see someone’s soul easily. They’re usually held wide, have a softness and a depth to them. Sometimes there are layers of emotion in them too, which indicates emotional honesty regarding how someone is feeling. If I get no feeling, or even a veil of darkness, when I look into someone’s eyes, I know they are hiding their current feelings, or their true self from me. We are all somewhere on this scale of openness and secrecy, depending on whom we are with and what we are experiencing or feeling.

Truth also shows in the “shen”, the spirit, as a glow to the face, and in the warmth of a smile. Someone emanating their very being. More of us than ever are feeling the urge to show our true selves, to share our stories, be more authentic. Animals and plants emanate this ineffable quality of being, of is-ness, effortlessly.

Nature is truth

Once again, as I go for an early-morning walk in the countryside,  I sense my own layers of mental chatter, projection and internal judgment fall away. I intently listen to the vibrant spring birdsong, feel the warmth of the rising sun on my face, smell the fresh scents of new growth (the hedge shoots smell so fragrant!) and gaze at the flush of greens. When I stop thinking and talking, I can hear the guidance from my intuition, my inner self. This inner compass is our own deep nature connection – consciousness, source. Truth returns. It’s that simple.

Nature embodies truth.

With love


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