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I see who you truly are, beneath the mask

Our faces tell the story of our lives. As a face reader, I see you. I see the person you are and the person you’d like to be; the life you are living and the life that feels constantly out of reach. I aim to guide you back to your true self and your original dreams.

We’re all carrying emotional baggage and unhelpful conditioning from our past. We put on a front to hide our wounds and act as though all is well, when we know deep-down it’s not. In face reading we work on identifying and releasing these old patterns, traumas and unresolved emotions so we can express ourselves more freely and naturally, and connect fully with those around us.

A face-reading session can be especially transformative if you’re in transition, wanting to attract a healthier relationship or more fulfilling work, focus on reclaiming your original dreams and purpose – and particularly if you’ve reached a new decade. I’ll work with you to bring you back to your inner essence and path, to enable greater mental clarity, emotional balance and simple conscious presence.

I focus on bringing you back to the truth of who you are, your own original nature.

By acknowledging and letting go of traumatic experiences and repressed emotions, we restore clarity and compassion for ourselves. With this deeper self-understanding and awareness comes a greater ability to listen to our inner voice. The constructed mask naturally falls away when we learn to accept ourselves. We can finally listen to our inner guidance, align ourselves with our environment, and feel connected to Earth and ever-expanding consciousness.

In face reading, I help you access your true self.

When we feel safe enough to relinquish our masks, we can live more authentically, be more at peace with ourselves. This sincerity brings closer, more meaningful connections with loved ones and stronger friendships. For it is only when we reveal our vulnerabilities – open our hearts, rather than stay trapped in our constructed, projected ideas of ourselves – that we can truly feel connected and seen, valued and loved for who we really are.

Opening ourselves up, we attract and experience the contentment we’ve been yearning for. When grounded and authentic, our inner purpose can start to align with and manifest as outer purpose. Receptivity leads to the abundance of giving: this is the intrinsic flow and balance of yin and yang.

Facial diagnosis

Through facial diagnosis, I can identify current and potential health issues. Most conditions stem from suppressed, unresolved emotions, so I do a lot of work with clients to free up their feelings to help clear chronic conditions on a deeper level. Fluent, honest expression means more robust health. As I can also see potential health issues, we can work on clearing the emotional roots before they manifest as illness.

Our masks keep us discontented, separated, wanting, lacking, empty… they’re our conditioned selves, honed from childhood in order to fit in – to please critical parents, or get more attention in a big family, a desperate attempt to get our needs met; to fit into school and be more popular. And yet these masks are constructs – exhausting to uphold. We get locked into them: they’re underpinned by the fear of being “found out” as the flawed beings we are. “I’m not really such a nice, thoughtful person as I pretend to be; I’m actually quite selfish.” “I smile my way through horrible times, even though I feel like crying and screaming.”

We become trapped in roles of being a carer; entertainer; capable mother; hard worker; or just a “nice person”. Our faces reveal these roles and the strain they’re having on us, trying to keep up the pretence. It’s depleting and stressful. But we’re terrified we’ll be rejected if we’re our truthful, fallible selves.

There are so many signs on the face for where we’ve held back our real feelings, disguised them, repressed them… So deep, over time, that they’ve got trapped in our subconscious and unconscious, and only play out in distorted ways, often triggered by big events. By gently tracing the frozen emotions back to their source, I work with you to acknowledge and release them.

Once we identify the roles we’ve been playing, we can become intensely conscious of them and start to dissolve them. We have to begin with where we’re at, to understand the blocks and blindspots that have been holding us back, that have been making us play out old patterns and belief systems for so long… Our masks can then drop away and we can get glimpses of being at one with ourselves for the first time since early childhood.

This is the journey of self-acceptance.

I’d be delighted to help you

Face Reading – in Person

Consultations last an hour and are held at my clinics in Wiltshire SP11 and London NW3.

Face Reading – Online

These are one-hour sessions via Zoom.

Face Reading – Email report

Or you can have a written face reading, done from photographs.


“My face reading was fascinating, life affirming and magical in equal measure. Saffron is so professional and makes you feel really safe in her care. I’d highly recommend her readings to anyone who is curious. I will never forget mine.”

Rachel, Bristol, Face Reading

“I was thoroughly WOWED by the incredible experience of having my face read by you, Saffron. I found it absolutely fascinating and have been banging on to everyone prepared to listen about my experience. I really cannot emphasis enough how affected, impressed, enthused and stimulated I was by visiting you.”

Arabella, Calne, Face Reading

“I was blown away by the accuracy and depth of my reading. I felt so witnessed that I couldn’t help but share it with others. It was evident Saffron had seen my lived experiences on my face. The hope for my future was also there. I later gifted a reading to a friend for her birthday and she was so empowered by it, she used the revealed knowledge of herself to pursue and obtain promotion at work. Saffron’s skill and gifts are something I wish everyone would experience for themselves. It is extremely powerful, empowering and inspiring to be witnessed in this way. For me, it was also an unexpectedly spiritual and healing experience. I am so impressed by her abilities that I speak about her to people all the time. I cannot recommend her enough and I know my words are inadequate to capture the journey she will take you on. If you are hesitating, do yourself a favour and book a reading. You will not regret it!”

Hazel, Ontario, Canada, Face Reading

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Three half-hour face readings for £120

Think of these as completely tailored life-coaching sessions. They enable you to have continued guidance and support from me as you work through any issues that arise.

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