True transformation
starts from within

In these uncertain times, many of us are feeling the need for more clarity, support and guidance.

Many of us are suffering from some kind of stress, PTSD, anxiety or depression. We struggle in facing some of our deepest fears about our health, relationships, work and purpose in life. These fears can have a grip on us, stopping us from moving forward in our lives or regaining our health.

In both face reading and acupuncture, we work on releasing old patterns, traumas and trapped emotions. Acupuncture helps clear these on a physical, mental and emotional level; face reading gives us an insight into their roots and how to free ourselves again. Both work to restore balance on a profound level.

The ancient Taoist skills of face reading and acupuncture are powerful tools for enabling us to get to the heart of those aspects of our lives and health that are compromised so we can begin to transform our experience of life.

I focus on bringing you back to the truth of who you are, your own original nature, and into harmony with your body. When we identify and begin to release traumatic experiences and unresolved emotions, we restore clarity and compassion for ourselves.

This is where peace is found.

Ways to work with me

Face Reading
Face Reading
Our faces tell the story of our lives. As a face reader, I see you. I see the person you are, you’ve been, and the person you’d like to be; the life you are living and the life that feels constantly out of reach. I aim to guide you back to your true self and original dreams.
Facial Diagnosis
Facial Diagnosis
I can identify current and potential health issues from markings and colouration on the face. As so many conditions stem from suppressed emotions, I do a lot of work with clients to free up their feelings to help clear chronic conditions on a deeper level.
Acupuncture is effective for many conditions as it addresses the root causes. Many physical diseases start on an emotional level: by treating stress, anxiety, depression, grief and other stuck emotions, we calm and strengthen the system before illness takes hold.

I’d be delighted to help you

My clinics are in Wiltshire SP11 and London NW3.

I also offer remote face readings via Zoom or email.


“Saffron, your work is beautiful and healing, and I deeply respect your gift. I am thankful to be touched by it.”

Hermione, New York, Face Reading

“I highly recommend wonderful Saffron – her treatments were so effective and successful. Extremely knowledgeable, warm and thoughtful, Saffron explains everything she is doing alongside her tranquil yet confident manner. I would always leave my sessions feeling grounded but floating at the same time!”

Claire, London, Acupuncture

“Saffron has set me on the right path, and her face reading acts like a guide to life that I can keep going back to. She possesses a truly brilliant skill that I think everyone should make use of.”

Martin, Kingston, Face Reading

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