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In 1999, the stress of working for a national magazine left me physically and emotionally wrecked. A wonderful acupuncturist helped heal me: her treatments alleviated my headaches, digestive issues, back ache, panic attacks and high stress levels, among other symptoms. It was bliss to feel calm, clear, re-energised – and finally strong enough to leave my job and a dysfunctional relationship. I was compelled to become an acupuncturist myself so I could help others in the same powerful way.

At college, I met the inspiring and wise face reading teacher Lillian Bridges. She just “got me” instantly. I felt seen, understood. I immediately did a face reading apprenticeship with her in Seattle. This has given me a profound understanding of people’s characters, health, emotions and deeper motivations, and a realisation that we do all have a unique purpose in life.

Yet something was missing… I was still living in a tiny flat in London, was still dogged by depression and anxiety, and had new health challenges. Just when I thought I’d got everything sorted outwardly, my life journey took me even deeper…

I found myself returning to my roots near Marlborough and immersing myself in nature. My life finally truly started transforming when I began to go inward and listen to my intuition, deconstruct unhelpful mental beliefs and connect with people from my heart. This is how I stay centred and clear in these chaotic, changing times.

My own deep healing process continues in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.

It took me years to work through early traumas and take down my ego’s defences and reconnect with my heart. Now, through face reading and acupuncture, I have the joy of helping others rediscover their true natures and inner alignment again.


I graduated as a licensed acupuncturist from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading in 2005, and did an apprenticeship (2008) and Master Face Reading Programme (2013) with the international face-reading authority Lillian Bridges, whose Chinese lineage passed the wisdom down to her.

Ways to work with me

Face Reading
Face Reading
Our faces tell the story of our lives. As a face reader, I see you. I see the person you are, you’ve been, and the person you’d like to be; the life you are living and the life that feels constantly out of reach. I aim to guide you back to your true self and original dreams.
Facial Diagnosis
Facial Diagnosis
I can identify current and potential health issues from markings and colouration on the face. As so many conditions stem from suppressed emotions, I do a lot of work with clients to free up their feelings to help clear chronic conditions on a deeper level.
Acupuncture is effective for many conditions as it addresses the root causes. Many physical diseases start on an emotional level: by treating stress, anxiety, depression, grief and other stuck emotions, we calm and strengthen the system before illness takes hold.

I’d be delighted to help you

Face Reading – in Person

Consultations last an hour and are held at my clinics in Wiltshire SP11 and London NW3.

Face Reading – Online

These are one-hour sessions via Zoom.

Face Reading – Email report

Or you can have a written face reading, done from photographs.


“Clarity, clarity into my depths. This is the feeling that Saffron’s work brought to me. Her gentle and clear guidance allowed me the space to see deep within myself and to draw my own conclusions from my inner clarity. I am inspired by her innate gift of seeing and grateful for her loving mirror.”

Lia, Brooklyn, Face Reading

“As a sufferer of a painful rheumatoid condition, I have tried numerous forms of treatment and medication. Of all these, Saffron’s acupuncture treatments are by far the most effective in helping relieve the pain and stress associated with the condition, as well as promoting general wellbeing of the body and mind. I always leave her treatments feeling energised and with a sense of release and happiness.”

Ian, Hungerford, Acupuncture

“It feels clear to me that you really saw my friend in your email reading of him. You saw the man of the past, the man of the present, and his potential. You saw his essence, his gifts, and his traumas. Your words wove this portrait of him, with clear-eyed insight and compassionate wisdom. It felt perfect for this moment – what he needed to hear for where he is, in his journey of transformation.”

Hermione, New York, Face Reading

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