Breaking away – Releasing ourselves

In my meditation group (sometimes several hundred of us tuning in online together, guided by the deeply connected and attuned David Manning), we’ve been working with the newly emerging energies. There’s an overwhelming sense that we’re in revolutionary times, our evolution is going into a whole new phase. And this is, fascinatingly, now clearly manifesting with the new kinds of clients I’m attracting: people who would traditionally have dismissed face reading as mumbo-jumbo or woo-woo. They’re wrestling with old issues and beliefs surfacing, looking for answers that lie deeper than the conventional world, the world of analysis and science, can give. They’re inspired to explore more freely and openly. It’s wonderful to see and be part of this awakening.

There really is a breaking away from convention, a freeing up of spirit, a desire to be more true to oneself. To live more in alignment with nature is the core expression of this. 

The wave of change is all about dismantling old belief systems and structures that aren’t helpful… coming back to the heart, to compassion and to one’s own inner moral compass. Look at the institutions struggling and crumbling – governments, big business, the financial sector, royalty… I’m fascinated by the number of whistleblowers and defectors coming forward, unable to be party to lies, secrecy or corruption. Will there be a tipping point when honesty and integrity mean more than keeping one’s job or profit?

Integration and transformation

To me, it’s about trusting in the universe and nature’s abundance and bounty, knowing that when you’re in alignment with nature, at one with nature, that other aspects of your life will fall into place. I’ve experienced this over and over myself, so I trust the process implicitly. Alignment with the seasons and their different energies, to maintain health and wellbeing.

We’re in the 2020s and, from my perspective, alignment with our evolving times and the need for us to integrate our masculine and feminine aspects, the rational and creative, left-brain/right-brain – head and heart – as fully as possible, in order to be more balanced and grounded, is central, crucial perhaps.

The more we can integrate all our fragmented and polarised aspects, the better we function and the more we know and attract what is right for us. These are the kinds of things I explore with my face-reading and acupuncture clients, to help them release their old, limited, constructed selves and feel lighter and freer. The times and energies are so supportive, I’ve witnessed some amazingly fast transformations!

With love

Saffron x

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