Be still. What is your inner voice telling you?

“Be more yin, be still, rest, luxuriate in being at home, embrace this opportunity to do nothing, to sit and listen to the birdsong, to walk quietly in nature.” This is the one consistent message I hear when I go inward. For decades we have been living in an increasingly yang world, with incessant movement, activity, growth, busyness. No time to tune in with our inner voice, to drop the mental chatter, to know who we truly are and what we really want to manifest in our lives – as opposed to what we think we have to keep doing in order to pay the bills and survive (in that order).

For what emerges when we pause? Insights, inspiration, natural creativity and resourcefulness bubble up when given the space, when we allow ourselves to be still and receptive. Whether it’s through gardening – even if it’s just a window box, or cooking, painting or marvelling at a bird, hare, deer or beautiful flower or tree blossom because we have a greater desire to go out for walks in parks or the countryside, or just being more present with our family and animals. Our bodies breathe a sigh of relief.

What also rears its head in these times of quiet is the deeper unrest, fears, doubts, insecurities. They can crowd in and grip us. How am I going to survive with no income? Do I really want to go back to my job after all this? Can I bear to be in this relationship any longer? How do I deal with this chronic illness when I’m not supposed to go to the doctor?

Fundamental questions are arising, have the space to arise if we allow them to, in these extraordinary times. It’s such a rich opportunity for inner exploration and admitting what doesn’t feel right in our lives. But what next instead? How to begin?

Our life experiences are etched on our faces; our dreams and hopes – often buried under the daily grind – emanate from our eyes as a deep yearning beneath all the mental and emotional clutter. In my face readings I focus on identifying and eliciting your innate character, strengths and skills, releasing negative patterns and uncovering your long-neglected dreams, to help bring you back to your original, liberated self. As you start to work in alignment with your original purpose, you will find you can more easily tap into a greater sense of abundance and invisible support – Mother Earth, the universe, have your back. It’s safe to explore your dreams and start to manifest them.

External life may never get back to “normal”; the signs are that the infrastructure is deeply compromised. The chaos and confusion will continue as the old world drops away. Now is the time for inner alignment, deep transformation, to be brave enough to step into our personal unknowns and reclaim our true spirit, rediscover our individual paths. It is time. Let me help guide you.

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