What does May bring us?

The shadow aspects of impatience and intolerance are prominent this month. This offers us an opportunity to practise accepting others as they are, not try to change or control them, or judge them. Judgment and criticism are so woven into humans’ recent history that there are a lot of layers of this tendency to shed. Catching oneself earlier and earlier in the act is key.

The other part of this process is clearing old guilt. As we become more conscious, we start to see where we’ve treated others unfairly or badly… we can feel bad for our injustices as well as those heaped on us, and guilt can gather. This manifests as a puffiness between the eyebrows, making any vertical lines there look deeper and stronger. It’s vital to forgive ourselves as much as we are learning to forgive others — especially our forebears.  

If we can make a conscious effort to be open to the unfamiliar, to broaden our acceptance of others who don’t look or sound like us, we will start to feel the wonderful limitless of embracing diversity and expanding our boundaries and experiences. We begin really to see and understand how everyone offers something unique, brings a different dish to the table, as it were. Every vignette, every perspective, creates a picture of the whole. A gradual intertwining of different cultures into the fabric of our being helps us to be our most expansive selves. It enables us to draw on all our ancestral and past-life experiences as we realise and embody our own combination of traits and influences. We come to understand that we truly are all unique and equal beings. True humanity. 

Humans at our best show genuine humanity and kindness to all other beings. It’s just as important to have a sense of equality with animals, trees and plants. The more we realise this on a visceral level, honing our compassion for all beings, the harder it is to be cruel or dismissive, or ignorant of others’ needs, and the more we will all come into harmony and realise that we actually best serve ourselves by serving the greater good. We are all integral to the balance of planet Earth. Each and every one of us has our part to play in the great play on Earth.

Presence, intuition and creativity

Staying present is a continued theme, so we don’t get stuck in guilt or resentment over the past or fear of what our future holds. There are still many triggers we need to stay alert to, so as not to fall into old patterns and negativity. This is one of the hardest practices to master, and needs constant awareness and work! 

Making big decisions from the heart’s intuition and/or gut instinct… Really trying this out now whenever situations arise. Loosening the mind’s grip on our decision-making is important for an easier flow in our lives.  

Expressing ourselves through creative urges as the Wood energy starts to merge with the Fire energy of summer. The crackle of ideas and inspiration! Being as free and spontaneous as possible. It’s only when we break all our own rules that we can discover our own natural boundaries. Boundaries are illustrated by the jawline: those with large, defined jaws may need to check if they’re holding onto any beliefs that don’t serve them, which keeps them stuck or rigid in their approach to life. Those with smaller or softer jaws may need to look at who else is defining their boundaries for them. Nobody else gets to dictate our boundaries! Determination — small steps towards honouring yourself — may be needed to redress the balance.

Giving ourselves time just to be and to rest, even as the yang energies move into the peak of their cycle between Beltane, 1st May, and the summer solstice: double Yang. It can be easy to overlook the importance of this as the days warm up and lengthen and when there’s a surge of activity at work, socially or in the garden or with children. Only in quiet, still moments can we hear the whispering voice of intuition in our heads that will keep us on track and not let us deplete our liver or kidney energy.

Clear communication. Can we become more clear in expressing ourselves? Can we practise an inner emotional clarity rather than explaining ourselves or getting trapped among our ideas, projections and beliefs? Can we listen more intently when others speak and not interrupt them or finish their sentences? This is another aspect of cultivating patience, and of learning the art of deep listening. 

Only then will we start to hear the guidance that wants to come through us and help us navigate these times, thrive and evolve. It really is time to embody our greater spiritual aspects and not just believe we’re finite beings walking around in finite bodies. Manifesting our original inner spirit and offering our unique gifts to the world is the most noble challenge we can focus on now.  

With love


1st May 2023

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