Exploring the Energies of February 2023

I’ve been meditating on the themes for February, and asking the I Ching for a deeper understanding. This is what has come up for me, in case it resonates with you too.

We’re still wrapped in winter, the Water element: seeds still lie dormant. It feels as though not much is moving forward, yet a lot of energetic preparation is taking place, ready for the season of spring when it finally emerges. Even the daffodils started to come out then some of them pressed the pause button again. Not quite time. The warmth has not yet returned.

It’s a challenge not to be thrown off course at the moment. Really observe who drains you or makes you feel depressed and who inspires and uplifts you. Let your heart guide you when choosing whom to spend time with. Coming back to centre, intuitive choices. And being kind to yourself if you’re struggling to come back to centre, otherwise we get even more entangled in the shadow side.

It’s not yet a time to act or move forward; it might be getting lighter, but the cold of winter continues… Notice the frustrations that arise when we try to do too much and can’t or don’t rest enough. A lesson in the restorative powers of being still and doing nothing. Progress is suspended in the energetic, invisible realms for now; it’s not time to manifest yet, just physically and mentally to clear clutter and be as aligned as possible with the current hibernation/dormant energies. 

Acknowledging how heavy our day-to-day experience as humans — 3D reality — can be;  notice how it makes us feel when we judge ourselves or others. Really feeling the heavy, depressive energy of criticism and discord, obstruction and polarisation, versus love, positivity, support, kindness and compassion. Why would anyone consciously choose to stay in the former?

Having trust and faith in the invisible realms helping us, a process of reconnecting with our original state, and releasing attachment to the dark clouds of judgment and negativity so they can pass on by. “I choose peace” is my main mantra at the moment to navigate through and neutralise these polarised, discordant states.

Stillness. Listening closely to the birds, especially as the dawn chorus gathers pace. It starts around 6.30am this month, which is easier to tune into than in June, when it’s 3.30am! Walking and sitting in nature — whichever elements draw you most (Water, Wood, Earth…). Immersing yourself. Taking time out, even if it’s only for 10 minutes… though 20 minutes is the minimum if you really want to drop into a calmer, quieter space and sense the birds and creatures around you come back to their baseline activity.

Strengthening connections

One’s greater purpose. Look, listen, feel, and you will start to sense your greater purpose: little signs and indications, quiet suggestions and nudges from the other side (guides, angels, Cosmic forces). They want to help us but need to be invited in and asked first. Little spontaneous urges that come out of the blue — odd impulses towards kind and gentle acts: these are the sorts of nudges to look out for and give space to. They will ease you back onto your path. They are the stepping stones of your path.

Being vigilant in spotting our “casual indifferences”, when we’re over-riding our instinct and heart intuition, for this will keep us locked in old mental beliefs and patterns. Continuing to clear old clutter — physical, mental and emotional. Keep letting go of what you don’t need, what no longer feels right to you. I’ve found clearing old boxes of papers and objects a very good way to shake off a dark, stuck mood or frame of mind.

Beginning to join forces with others… in a gentle, organic way. It’s a time of increased collaboration, of discovering on a more profound level how much we can transform our reality and that of those around us when we pool resources, work together, support each other. Collaboration reminds us that we are all the same — humans muddling along doing our best. If we’re coming from the heart, we’ll discover that a community spirit engenders even more compassion and empathy and helps us feel we belong on some ineffable level. 

With love


3rd February 2023

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