Face readings for private clients

Your reading — EXTRAORDINARY!! What accuracy. Your intuitive interpretation of what you have seen is spot on — absolutely extraordinary. You have a very special talent there, Saffron.”  Miss CL, health practitioner, west London

You are absolutely incredible. Thank you very much for a spectacular and heart-touching face reading. You have such compassion and it is clear that you see through me and the life I've gone through. You cover so many aspects with such precision. It is very valuable and insightful, as you made me see my life in a clear perspective. Your advice is truly helpful and I will use this wisdom in my life. I salute you for an impeccable, astounding and life-affirming analysis.”  Rakesh of Denmark

I am astounded as to how correct you are on so many specific things that you could not possibly know. Your reading confirms so many things I thought I knew about [name supplied] but was not confident enough to be sure. Thank you so much for this. You don't know how much comfort it brings. I am sure I will refer to this face reading many times over.  CW, north London

Wow, that is pretty mind-blowing. I read it… my sister read it… my husband read it… everyone just said, wow! It's quite fascinating how you have seen into my heart and soul like you have.   Alice, Canada

I have to say I was taken aback by the accuracy and detail of your face reading. I shared it with my husband and two girlfriends – all three agreed! I found the information very useful in realising and finally accepting each little part of what makes me a whole, working on making peace with certain aspects of myself and of course being courageous enough to work on the aspects of myself which I can improve on – to ensure my health and wellbeing are not compromised.  Angelique

Saffron was amazingly accurate in describing aspects of me that only a few people may be able to recognise. It is quite fascinating how much she was able to say about my personality from just a few photographs. I would recommend her to anyone! Sasha

Your reading was extremely insightful. I found it very helpful. Your advice is, I think, excellent.  MH, Edinburgh

You are so perceptive, Saffron – you have finely tuned antennae. I was particularly interested in what you were saying about [a particular area]. You are so brilliant! It is exactly true! It is a relief to have some support on this. I will definitely be referring back to your reading.  CC, London

I can already feel that our meeting has changed my life in a very positive way. I have more confidence in my own abilities now and am not so concerned that everything isn't perfect! The session was incredibly helpful and has made a big difference to me. Nicholas Gentry, London

One of the best things I got from your brilliant reading was that I've now started making better choices in my life – at work and in relationships.  Alex M, Wandsworth

Saffron was fantastic! I found my face reading hugely insightful – enabling me to identify strengths and weaknesses. A number of things became a lot clearer as a result of my consultation. I can't recommend the opportunity to get your face read enough.   MW

Thank you for the remote face reading; you got us both down to a T... it was brilliant!! It was a really insightful reading and it is an amazing thing that you do. Name withheld on request

Dear Saffron, Absolutely extraordinary. I am very impressed. Many thanks – a rare and ever so accurate talent.   Zina S Sparling

Hi Saffron, Thank you for a very perceptive, insightful and accurate reading. You clearly have a gift! xx  Loma-Ann Marks

Well... where to start... thank you, Saffron for a truly perceptive and precise evaluation..! I must say that everything was absolutely on the button, and I look forward to a full 'appraisal' to expand on the points highlighted. Thanks again. James Hughes

Saffron absolutely hit the nail on the head and even reminded me of some of my past experiences that I had tucked away at the back of my memory. Accurate, insightful and telling, especially in regards to understanding the relationships in your life and how you both deal with them and what/who works well.   Sally Philip

OMG – I just read my mini evaluation and EVERYTHING is spot on! Am totally tripped out by it, as many of the things that Saffron identified are very personal and deep! Brilliant – loved it! xxx.   Rena Munro

As a guest face reader

The face readings were very insightful, and everyone enjoyed receiving them. It was a novel way of kicking off our company event. I would definitely recommend them. Company name withheld on request.
[40 face readings done for a corporate dinner.]

Saffron was a pleasure to work with. Professional and personable throughout, she was an asset to the campaign and created an engagement point for our journalists. We'll certainly be looking to work with Saffron again in the near future.   Anna Smith, Senior Account Executive, Lexis PR.

Face reading for the media

Saffron shows extraordinary talent as a face reader. Her insights into Barack Obama, Madonna, Russell Brand and the like, as published in GQ, were fascinating. It was an extremely popular part of the magazine. Book her.   Dylan Jones, Editor, GQ

Acupuncture testimonials

After my acupuncture sessions with you I have found myself reacting to situations differently – in a more positive, enlightened way. I am so much more aware now of who I am. You have helped me to open the channels within me that were unused in terms of my talents. Suddenly my artistic side is coming out in full swing. I have done some art, and I keep rediscovering myself… Many things have started to make sense: for example, the 'fake' friends are disappearing, freeing space for 'real' people in my life... You are an incredible person. I really value your support and thoughts – they lead me to more clarity and make me feel stronger. I can see such a good improvement, with my energy shifting. I am happier and finding life interesting again. I feel I have started a new, fresh life with no bullshit in it. Thank you so much for guiding me through all this, Saffron. Inga, Surrey

Saffron has been giving me acupuncture for over a year now and I really could not recommend her highly enough: she has a unique combination of talents that mean she reaches mind, body and soul. Her incredible ability to listen and understand the many layers of my problems made for a powerful healing experience - ultimately putting me in a position to become emotionally stronger and change how I was tackling the challenges I was facing at the time. Transformative and empowering - I am very grateful!  LA

Saffron's approach has helped me to remove physical symptoms, as well as giving me the right tools to deal with the stress surrounding my condition and to have a more balanced approach... dealing with the physical as well as the psychological aspects that so often merge and feed on each other. Francesco Guidicini, London

Whether you seek treatment for an aching back, insomnia or other, Saffron takes an incredibly holistic approach to healing the body and mind. Her care is outstanding and her treatment room is an oasis in an otherwise hectic environment. Caroline M, London

Saffron's acupuncture is so simple but totally alters the balance of my whole week. It keeps me calm on deadline days which is a miracle in itself! I would always recommend her to friends who are having problems coping with stress or anxiety.  Katherine Davies

Thank you for a wonderful session yesterday. It was so very helpful to talk things through with you and to feel so 'safe' and understood. You really have a gift; thank you for sharing it with me and for making me feel so welcome. I am also thrilled to report that I enjoyed the best night's sleep in months!   Pippa

As a sufferer of a painful rheumatoid condition, I have tried numerous different forms of treatment and medication. Of all these, Saffron's acupuncture treatments are by far the most effective in helping relieve the pain and stress associated with the condition, as well as promoting general wellbeing of the body and mind. I always leave her treatments feeling energised, and with a sense of release and happiness.  Ian B, aged 36

I have really enjoyed Saffron's treatments. I've found them thoroughly restorative and they have helped me cope with the day-to-day stress of life and work. I have also found the sessions quite informative – learning about acupuncture, etc. All in all, a welcome boost to mind and body!  LW

Acupuncture sessions with you have been the only consistent form of pain relief for my sciatic/back problems and have previously helped rid me of unexplained migraines and menstrual problems. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your acupuncture treatments not only for tackling specific problems, but for the overall benefit both physically and mentally. It has definitely been the best source of anxiety relief and helped me tackle aspects of my life I thought totally unconnected to pain.  Charlotte Cox

Saffron's treatment took me from being caged by extreme stress, emotion and workplace pressure to feeling free, confident and happy with myself. I would walk into her room enraged by the difficulties of my life and walk out like I was floating or walking on air. A weekly session was enough to keep my emotions on track, help me with PMT and make my period pains much better. The great thing about Saffron is her holistic approach to treatment. While the acupuncture itself worked wonders, her ability to listen, give advice and support in the most gentle of ways means that an appointment with her feels like a chat with an old friend, a session with a counsellor and an appointment with a doctor, all rolled into one. I honestly believe that her work possibly saved me from drowning in a sea of my own stress – many thanks!   Charlotte

Saffron's treatment has helped tremendously with back pain – and she's also cured my hayfever.   PB

Saffron has been treating me for the last few months initially for stress and she truly does create a haven of calm when she treats you. I have never tried acupuncture before and was initially a little sceptical but l saw and felt immediate effects, always coming out of the consultation much calmer than when I went in. I get the feeling from Saffron that I am in very safe and competent hands and have no hesitation in recommending her services.   JW

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In a face-reading consultation, I assess the proportions of your face, along with the shape and size of your features, markings, lines, skin tone and coloration. From all these, I can deduce specific and accurate information about your health, character, inherited traits, emotional expression and – most excitingly – your potential in all areas of your life

Face reading with Saffron Ellidge


In the first consultation, I take a detailed case history, and assess the causes of your condition, and any blocks and weak areas. By treating you holistically, taking into account all the external stresses and pressures on you, as well as your physical and emotional symptoms and current feelings, I can help you to feel stronger, calmer, clearer and pain-free more quickly