What is face reading?

Our face is our identity, a reflection of our inner self. It shows our unique combination of inherited features and the markings and lines that develop from our experiences. Face reading is the skill of interpreting and synthesising all these clues to give you unrivalled insights into yourself and your health. I use it to get beneath the layers of conditioning, negative emotional patterns and past traumas to help you reclaim the whole person you were meant to be. It is also invaluable in uncovering the emotional complexities that drive your partner, family, friends and colleagues, so you can enhance all your relationships.

Wow, that is pretty mind-blowing. I read your reading… my sister read it… my husband read it… everyone just said, wow! It's quite fascinating how you have seen into my heart and soul like you have. Alice, Canada Read more testimonials

What your features say

To give you an idea: big, strong eyebrows are a sign of strong liver energy. As the liver is connected to anger, this indicates that the person potentially has a temper. They are often conscious of the power of their anger, so try to keep a lid on it. Conversely, those with thin or small eyebrows may seem easygoing and gentle to others, but are more likely to flare up suddenly; they're less able to contain their anger. Women with delicately arched eyebrows often use feminine charm to get their way instead of asserting themselves. Knowing how we express anger can help us channel it more evenly, and so keep our liver healthy. And recognising how another person handles the emotion can help us to respond more calmly when they express it.

I am astounded as to how correct you are on so many specific things that you could not possibly know. CW, north London Read more testimonials

Saffron Ellidge's monthly column for GQ and a celebrity face-reading feature for Natural Health magazine reveal insights
into the hidden character traits of well-known figures. Click on the images above to enlarge

Why have a face reading?

I've used face reading to help hundreds of clients find a healthier, happier balance in life. Many people come to me because they're stuck – with persistent health problems they can't get shake off, or because they're in relationships that make them unhappy, or jobs that leave them frustrated and empty. After a session with me, they say they have greater confidence and self-knowledge, and are ready to embrace the challenges in their lives. My aim is to help you feel empowered by having greater clarity about yourself and what truly matters to you, so you can make better choices. My understanding of faces enables me to offer very specific advice. As your face is unique, your consultation will be truly individual.

The purpose of life is to be who you are, as much as you can be; to find your talents and abilities and express them; to live in a way that supports you; and then give yourself back to the world as a gift. Lillian Bridges, the Lotus Institute

What a consultation will reveal to you

During a consultation, I aim to rekindle your inner sense of self, identify emotional blocks and possible health issues, and inspire you to live your life to the full, maximising your potential in love, health, career, creativity, money and friendships. I will also help you to identify your skills and natural talents, to guide you towards your life path. If you would like a compatibility reading as part of the consultation, bring photographs of your potential or current partner (good headshots: one straight-faced, one smiling, one profile). Expect revelations about yourself and those around you!

Book your face reading now

Consultations take place in Belsize Park, London NW3 and Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8. I also do readings via Skype. Gift vouchers for personal face readings are available on request. To book an appointment, or for more information, click here.

Email readings

If you are not in London or the UK and would like a face reading done via email, just send several good-quality headshots of yourself, or the person you would like a reading of, and I will respond with a detailed report covering all the above areas. If you would like advice on compatibility with a partner or potential partner, send three photographs of them, and I will incorporate this into your reading. Email consultations can be booked here.

Corporate events and special guest appearances

One of my favourite assignments is being hired to provide mini face-reading consultations at events and launches. Offering free face readings to clients and journalists is an excellent way to give them something new, and to celebrate the enduring fascination of the face. The readings are always hugely popular! Previous clients include Bobbi Brown, Dove and Nude skincare (see Testimonials).

Or if you're a party planner, add a twist to your event by hiring me as a mystery guest who can mingle and offer mini face readings to your guests on the spot. It's always a real talking point, and will make your party one they'll never forget! Please contact me on 07810 864 320 or at saffron@saffronellidge.com for my corporate rates and availability.

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Face Reading
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All the features, markings and lines on our faces tell their part in the story of our lives — and where we are heading. So face reading becomes a fortune-telling tool!

Face reading with Saffron Ellidge


The original Taoist symbol depicts a man running along a road – he has found his life path, and is so inspired, he runs instead of meanders. Tapping into this ancient art provides a glimpse into your full potential – and ultimately can lead you towards true Taoist inner alchemy.


Your face reveals everything about you. A reading can identify health issues and emotional blocks, as well as your compatibility with others, helping you get to the heart of your deepest issues.

You will also look younger! Unveil your negative patterns, and the lines and wrinkles will drop off your face! Book your reading now. Email me at saffron@saffronellidge.com or call me on 07810 864 320


The royal couple: "Kate's more rounded chin shows she will argue on a more emotional level while William will use intellectual or rational arguments to win her over." Visit my blog below to get a glimpse of the real William and Kate, Angelina and Brad, Kate Moss and others...