Recommended reading

Healing Your Emotions, by Angela Hicks and John Hicks (Thorsons, 12.99; ISBN 0-7225-3728-X). This book explains the five personality types in five-element acupuncture, and includes a questionnaire to help you discover which one you are. It also shows you how to work through, express and heal your emotions and it suggests Qi Gong exercises to help you achieve health and wellbeing.

The Illustrated I Ching, by R L Wing (The Aquarian Press, ISBN 0-85030-573-X). A great beginners' guide to the I Ching. Invaluable when you need help in knowing how to make the right decision in difficult situations, or what your blindspots are. A straightforward translation and interpretation of a complex book, with inspiring illustrations.

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, the Richard Wilhelm translation, rendered into English by Cary F Baynes (Penguin, 14.99; ISBN 0-140-19207-7). An indispensable tool if you want to gain an understanding of Taoism, and how to apply it when addressing and dissolving deep patterns and issues. Intermediate to advanced level, though do persevere, just gleaning what sense you can from it, even as a novice.

Love, an Inner Connection, by Carol K Anthony (Anthony Publishing; ISBN 1-890764-01-9). My bible on relationships. Essential reading if you want to navigate relationships with minimal pain and confusion. You won't need any other book on this subject. But only if you're prepared to be very honest with yourself, and look at separating your ego voices of doubt and fear from your inner truth.

Recipes for Self-Healing, by Daverick Leggett (Meridian Press, 16.95; ISBN 0-9524640-2-0). Really useful if you take an interest in what you eat and how you can improve your health through diet. Leggett explains the energetics of food in terms of Chinese Medicine in clear, easy language, so that you can make more informed decisions about what foods suit you best as an individual. He also suggests recipes for different types of constitutions.

These books on personality types in five-element acupuncture, the energetics of food, negotiating relationships
and the I Ching reveal different aspects of Taoist principles, and further us in our quest for self-knowledge

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These books are all based on Taoist five-element principles, and are my bibles when it comes to negotiating health and diet, decision-making, life questions and relationships