The face: a map of our lives

Face reading is the skill of studying the features and lines on a face and assessing – with extraordinary accuracy – what they convey about a person's character and potential. It is an innate yet neglected ability that can be used to increase self-knowledge and communicate better with other people. Faces are the first thing we focus on and relate to; people's expressions tell us what they're feeling or thinking. They also tell us what the person is trying not to reveal to us!

The clarity with which you read my face was immense. I can't put into words how I felt when I read the reading. It was like someone finally got me! Thank you so much more than words can convey! Smita R Read more testimonials

Facial diagnosis

The face is also a blueprint for our bodies' systems and organs, making it an invaluable tool for diagnosis. By looking at markings and coloration, I can spot health issues and, crucially, potential health problems before they have a chance to manifest.

My approach

For the past 10 years I have been developing my skills and understanding, with intensive research and training so I can pick up on the finer details and deeper intricacies of human nature, behaviour and health patterns. Based in London, I offer one-to-one consultations, Skype or email photo readings. In a consultation, I aim to give you profound insights into your physical, psychological and emotional health, and help you find ways to dissolve fears and stresses, and identify what is holding you back from fulfilling your potential. I want to help uncover your original nature, so you can feel free to express yourself fully and be the best and happiest person you can be!

The level of your insight is astounding. You are exceptional. Saffron, your reading was excellent. You are very gifted. MH, Edinburgh Read more testimonials

Saffron Ellidge's monthly column featured on the back page of GQ. She reveals insights into the hidden character
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Acupuncture can help a wide range of conditions, from stress-related symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, headaches and IBS, to chronic illnesses such as gynaecological problems, back ache and hay fever. As Chinese Medicine is based on simple principles such as Yin and Yang, hot and cold, and focuses on you as an individual, it can be used to treat all kinds of psychological and physical issues, regardless of the western labels and diagnoses. Using the five-element system, I work on strengthening and clearing your system by rebalancing the main organs and helping you express your feelings more fluently, to restore your body and soul to full health.

Saffron is an amazing professional therapist, who is extremely intuitive and understanding. She has healed my problem, and I would highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Grant Jackson Read more testimonials

The origins of face reading

We all have an innate ability to read and understand people's emotions and characters from their faces. From the moment we're born, we gaze up at the human faces around us and glean information from them, long before language takes over as the primary means of communication. But as we get older we're encouraged to follow our rational minds, our learnt intelligence, not our intuition. By ignoring this inner voice, we lose confidence in it, and its presence fades. Reading faces is a quick way for us to re-access this infinite knowledge about ourselves and others.

Face reading can be traced back over 3,000 years to classical Chinese medicine, when physicians would study the face to help diagnose illness. It can also be found in the works of the ancient Greek philosophers: both Aristotle and Plato discussed its merit. Later, physiognomy, as it became known, was taught in English universities. Even Leonardo da Vinci, in the late 1400s, realised that facial markings were linked to emotions, noting that “those who have deep and noticeable lines between the eyebrows are irascible”. But physiognomy's reputation became tainted by charlatans and it was outlawed by Henry VIII in 1531. Among those who revived the tradition in the 19th century were Johann Kaspar Lavater, a distinguished Swiss theologian, Charles Dickens and Charlotte Brontë, and Mary Olmstead Stanton, an American who went on to write an encyclopaedia on the subject in 1931. Most notably, the US president Abraham Lincoln was known to have selected his cabinet members according to their faces. Interest and research has gathered pace again in the past half century, with a broader range of people recognising that face reading has much to offer both in diagnosis and in our understanding of human nature.

In the 21st century, scientific research has intensified its focus on epigenetics, emotional expression and human behaviour in relation to the face. A 2009 article in The New Scientist, “How your looks betray your personality”, talks of a revival, as studies show that people consistently have similar first impressions of others from their faces. It says: “The results... show that people readily associate facial appearance with certain personality traits, and suggest that there may be a kernel of truth in their judgments”. Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the intuitive art of face reading and the rigour of scientific studies?


If you would like an informal chat about how acupuncture or face reading could help you, or to book an appointment, click here. I have clinics in Belsize Park, London NW3, and Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8.

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Face reading with Saffron Ellidge


I've had a monthly face-reading column in GQ magazine, and featured in various magazines and newspapers. I've also been on radio, and appeared in Five's most recent series of Farmer Wants a Wife.

I'm available for interview, or to write features on face reading and acupuncture, on aspects ranging from health and character analysis to match-making. Please call me on 07810 864 320 or contact me via email at saffron@saffronellidge.com


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